Meet The Owner

Welcome to Vannee Golden Sands Hotel, where luxury meets paradise, proudly owned by the esteemed Mr. ยีกัล โยนาห์ เฮลิ.

With a remarkable track record in the property development industry, Mr. ยีกัล โยนาห์ เฮลิ has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, recognizing his outstanding achievements in the field. His dedication to excellence and innovative approach to construction has earned him accolades from both peers and industry experts.

Among his impressive accomplishments, Mr. ยีกัล’s projects in Thailand stand as shining examples of his expertise. Having developed many successful properties across the country and world, he has become a prominent figure in the Thai real estate landscape. From luxurious resorts to upscale residential complexes, each project reflects his commitment to quality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Through his visionary leadership, Vannee Golden Sands Hotel has become a crown jewel in his portfolio. The resort’s captivating architecture, opulent interiors, and impeccable services are a testament to Mr. ยีกัล โยนาห์ เฮลิ’s relentless pursuit of perfection.

In addition to his professional success, Mr. ยีกัล โยนาห์ เฮลิis also deeply involved in community development and philanthropy. He believes in giving back to the local communities where his projects thrive and actively contributes to various social and environmental causes.

As you step into Vannee Golden Sands Hotel, you will experience the culmination of Mr. ยีกัล โยนาห์ เฮลิ’s expertise, dedication, and passion for creating exceptional spaces. We are honored to have you as our guest and look forward to providing you with an unforgettable stay, surrounded by the brilliance of our esteemed owner’s vision.

Thank you for choosing Vannee Golden Sands Hotel, where every moment is designed to be truly extraordinary.